The OCTG you need. The fast-moving service you didn't expect.

ITC Pipe brings long-standing relationships with mills and an agile, experienced team to every operation.


01 who we are

Serving top oilfield producers since 1984.

An agile team, experienced in working with top mills and drilling companies.

+ privately owned
100+ years
combined experience
+ innovative team
rigs serviced with 6 people
customer satisfaction

current customer

"We have used ITC Pipe for years. We value their precise communication and customer service from start to finish on every project."


02 our team

Meet our team

Mike Allred

Owner, Chairman of the Board

Mike has worked in the Oil and Gas business since the early '70s. Over the years, he has held multiple positions ranging from Salesman to District Manager. In 1984 he founded Independent Tubular Corporation, now ITC Pipe. After leading all operations for decades, Mike is currently in an advisory role and has passed operations to his son, Tyler.

Tyler Allred


Tyler has held multiple positions in the Oil and Gas Industry from Financial Analyst to Technical Sales, working with OCTG from both the distributor and mill side. He joined ITC in 2014, as the Business Development and Sales Manager. Today, as CEO, Tyler continues to develop business relationships with new and existing customers, as well as mills with a hands-on, highly responsive approach. Tracking down specific OCTG, working with mills to ensure quality and pricing, and managing logistics, Tyler is an expert at each point in the process. He's always a fair-sounding board for any of your OCTG questions, problems, and projects.

Brenda Christ


Brenda has been with ITC Pipe for nearly 30 years as the VP of Operations/Office Manager. She is our in-house expert on handling the day-to-day needs of our customers, from forecasting material requirements to managing logistics and shipping. A true professional when it comes to customer service, most of our clients come to know Brenda by name and call/email her with any future projects or last-minute needs. She always makes sure you have an answer or a solution, usually within hours.

Austin Black


Since graduating from Texas State University in 2014, Austin has continued to expand his knowledge, skills, and experience in the oil and gas industry. From being up close and personal as an offshore Project Coordinator, to being an Outside Salesman for a fortune 500 pipe distribution company, his proficiency has continued to grow year after year. Austin plans to use his experience and networking skills within the oil and gas industry to expand ITC Pipe’s marketplace. Austin is ready and available day or night to take care of any of your OCTG requirements.

Kelli Sterner

Inside Sales Manager

Kelli graduated from Missouri University of Science and Technology in 2010 with a degree in Industrial Engineering. Since then, she has held sales and business development positions in the oil and gas industry for over 10 years. She has in-depth experience and knowledge of both the manufacturing and distribution processes of OCTG including technical knowledge, supply chain, material sourcing, and customer service. As the Inside Sales Manager at ITC Pipe, Kelli is the primary point of contact for all of the company’s customer day-to-day requests. She has a keen understanding, sense of urgency, and attention to detail that this industry requires to get the job done.

How ITC Pipe gives back

03 how we work

Our job is to make your job easier.

You need answers and solutions to make your project run smoothly, we’re in the business of moving fast and being sure.

Where We've Done Business

Our Workflow

current customer

“ITC Pipe’s knowledge and experience is essential to our purchasing process, thanks to the ITC Pipe team we have a reliable, trustworthy source for OCTG.”


04 how we innovate

The ITC live inventory portal

We’re working to make sourcing information easier than ever before.

Beta version launching soon. Our team is in the process of creating a live Inventory Portal that allows customers to:

View live inventories

View product spec sheets

See actual product lead-times

Create custom quotes

get updates on our beta launch!


current customer

“The differences with ITC Pipe are responsiveness and honesty. They stand head and shoulders above the competition in those areas.”


05 products

Top Quality Pipe for Every Operation

We deal with the best mills and demand a perfect product, made to your exact specifications and ready for your jobsite.

4.5" - 20" OD ERW, SMLS
J-55, N-80, L-80, HC L-80,  P-110, HC P110, Q 125
PUP Joints, R1, R2, R3
STC, LTC, BTC, GB-CD, GB-CDE, JFE Bear, and more
Controlled yield couplings available
1”-4.5” OD ERW, SMLS
J-55, N-80, L-80, HC L-80,  P-110, HC P110, Q 125
PUP Joints, R1, R2, R3
STC, LTC, BTC, GB-CD, GB-CDE, JFE Bear and more
Controlled yield couplings available
Line Pipe
All sizes and grades

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